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A Preview of 2007 Year of the Pig

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Time comes and goes without a trace; soon we are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 18, 2007. We will say Kung Hay Fat Choy to everyone we meet wishing them the best in the coming year.

I have made my annual predictions public since 2004. It has become part of my yearly research and advice to my students from all over the world. People have emailed me and told me they are eagerly awaiting the release of my predictions each year.

The year of the Dog will be replaced by the year of the Pig based on the 12 Chinese Zodiac sign sequence. The Chinese custom will celebrate New Year on the first day of the year based on the lunar calendar; however Feng Shui and Bazi will start the New Year on February 4, 2007 based on the solar calendar.

Every year, it’s very nerve-racking for me to write up the prediction; sometimes I just hope my more ominous predictions aren’t right! I sincerely hope everyone will have a prosperous year with no major setbacks and surprises with my prediction.

Year 2007 is the year of the Pig, Ding Hai year, the yearly hexagram is Jin gua, the annual flying star in the central palace is #2, the annual Shen Shas which can cause trouble are San Sha in the West, Li Shi in the Northeast.

Jin gua is the 35th hexagram in Yi Jing, Li trigram on top of Kun trigram, the bright Sun is shining upon the Earth. Jin Gua is a hexagram which means advancing forward and moving upward.

This year, it will be important for those government officials to show their patriotic duties to stabilise the uncertainty, to manage the state affairs for the benefit of the people. They will be rewarded for their righteous effort. It will be important to understand if you take your responsibility seriously, you will be rewarded, recognised and promoted in your career.

The teaching of Jin gua is the moral principle we must adhere to when we are taking measures to advance and to achieve our personal goals. We must act like the Sun, shining and warming those under us and work for the benefit of everyone. When we make the advance, our motive must be righteous without any personal selfishness. If we follow the moral principle we will feel peace at heart even in difficult times. Don’t worry about winning or losing, you will succeed as long as you can adhere to the moral principle.

Before we think of advancement, we must gain the trust and support of the general public; don’t rely on luck, don’t let your insatiable greediness overtake your conscience, you must have a detailed plan, you must proceed with care.

The outlook for the year based on the yearly Jin hexagram and its yao changes according to Huang Zhi Qing Shi.

  • January and February - difficulties, a breakthrough and solution is needed.
  • March and April - lack of results, unfinished business.
  • May and June - travelling, visitors, changes, uncertainty and instabilities.
  • July and August - peeling off, erosion from within with danger of collapsing.
  • September and October - blockage, the honest good guys are losing and the bad guys are laughing.
  • November and December - happiness, jubilation and preparation for events to come.

Wars, terrorism, unrest and demonstrations have occupied and affected our daily life since the turn of the century. Active conflicts continue around the world, including civic wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chechnya, Somalia, Senegal, Colombia and Sudan and continued turmoil from 9/11, the Afghanistan and Iraq Invasions, the Arab and Israeli conflicts and the nuclear crisis in Iran and North Korea.

There are a lot of similarities between 1939 – 1945 and 2001 – 2007. September 1939 was the beginning of World War II in Europe. September 2001, was 9/11 and the beginning of the War on Terrorism. The yearly hexagrams are:

  • 1939/2001 Jian gua (Xun/Gen)
  • 1940/2002 Jian gua (Kan/Gen)
  • 1941/2003 Gen gua (Gen/Gen)
  • 1942/2004 Qian gua (Kun/Gen)
  • 1943/2005 Pi gua (Qian/Kun)
  • 1944/2006 Cui gua (Dui/Kun)
  • 1945/2007 Jin gua (Li/Kun)

In August 1945, the US detonated an atomic bomb over the city of Nagasaki, Japan. September 1945, the World War II ended.

It is worrisome that we might see a nuclear bomb detonated on a city to end the lingering wars we have today. With the annual 5 and Li Shi both in the Northeast, it’s troubling to note that North Korea is situated in Northeast Asia and Iran and Afghanistan are situated in Northeast Africa/Middle East. I hope the wars and conflicts will end with a peaceful solution, not a nuclear bomb.

From the Bazi point of view, Ding Hai year is fire over water, it’s a Wei Ji gua which indicates incompletion.

Hai is Zheng Kuan to Ding, Ding is Zheng Tsai to Hai, with the hidden combination of Ding and Hai (Ren), there can be corruption between government officials and businesses.

Hai is one of the 4 horses associated with movement and travelling, be careful with driving. Travel agents may be busy especially with cruise ships.

For those born in Wei year (Ram), Mao year (Rabbit), Yin year (Tiger) and Si year (Snake), there is a possibility of residence change.

For those born in Wei hour (1-3 pm), Mao hour (5-7 am), Hai hour (9-11 pm) or Yin hour (3-5 am), you may see good results in your examination or career.

From the Zi Wei Dou Shu point of view, the annual Wealth palace will be in Wei and the Career palace will be in Yin so you can place your picture and a piggy bank in these two sectors of your house to activate the wealth and career.

With San Sha in the West this year, we need to pay attention to the respiratory, immune system and kidney illnesses, especially young women and girls.

Extreme care should be used if you try to disturb the West, it can bring about tragedies as serious as death and bankruptcy. Be careful if the house door or bedroom is located in the West, or if there is any disturbance, or outside sharp object or sha qi coming from the West.

To minimize the “San Sha” effect, you can place a real plant or tree in the Western sector inside or outside the house, you can also put a little bucket of water and 3 metal Kiluns (facing West) together with the tree. (There is a high level Feng Shui technique “Fighting the San Sha” to bring in money, contact me if you need such a service to turn a difficult situation around).

2007 will feature another seldom talked about shen sha in Feng Shui. This year the “Li Shi” will be colliding with the annual star 5 yellow in the Northeast.

Extreme care should be exercised if you decide to disturb the Northeast; it can bring death to the male owner or young male of the house. Equipment placed in the Northeast sector may run into problems easily. Be careful if the house door or bedroom is located in the Northeast, or if there is any disturbance, outside sharp object or sha qi coming from the Northeast.

Tai Sui will be in Hai Northwest, simply placing a pair of Kilun facing Northwest may help to guard against the bad energy from that direction.

This year’s annual Flying Star chart will have number 2 in the centre, 3 in the Northwest, 4 in the West, 5 in the Northeast, 6 in the South, 7 in the North, 8 in the Southwest, 9 in the East and 1 in the Southeast.

Every home can be a safer home if we know how to deal with the yearly stars and shen sha and avoid doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is better to be prepared than sorry later.

  • To minimize the annual 5 yellow in the Northeast, the “salt water and coins” cure can be used.
  • To minimize the annual 2 black to avoid sickness, simply place a metal calabash in the centre of the house.
  • To minimize the annual 3 jade-green to avoid arguments and being emotional, put something red in the Northwest.
  • To minimize the annual 7 red to avoid lawsuits, put something blue in the North.
  • The Southwest will be the best sector in 2007 with the annual 8 white, simply put a citron crystal there for a better year financially.
  • Put 4 stalks of Chinese lucky bamboo or a plant in the Southeast to enhance the possibility of career advancement, improved academic studies or heightened romance.
  • Put a glass of water in the West for the possibility of career advancement, improved academic studies or heightened romance.
  • Putting a plant in the East can bring about events for celebration.

Wishing everyone a prosperous, successful and safe 2007,
Peter Leung

© 2007 Feng Shui SOS Ltd. All rights Reserved

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