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A Preview of 2006 Year of the Dog

The Chinese will be celebrating the New Year on January 29, 2006. Gong Hay Fat Choy will be heard all over the world.

2006 is the year of the Dog replacing the Rooster year on February 4, 7:29 am, any annual Feng Shui remedies should be placed after that time to ensure a safe 2006.

The annual hexagram for 2006 is “Cui” with Dui on top of Kun indicating the importance of communication with the general public for the prosperity of the country, we have to follow instructions from our superior for career advancement and we have to work together with our peers for shared interests and prosperity without any personal ego or misuse of authority. We have to keep working hard to see results.

Bing Xu year has Bing fire over Xu earth with Xu representing fire storage, arms and ammunitions depots therefore volcano eruptions and huge fires are possible this year, most likely in June and July. Also the chance of war is possible and crimes involving arms may increase.

The economic outlook will be rosy in 2006; however the stock market (metal) may experience a sharp drop in 2006. The Xu earth will be too hot to nurture any metal, with the strong fire enhancing the Xu earth, the stock market may suffer. The weather will get colder as we are getting into the North western cycle of the Hai/Zi/Chou branches, heating oil maybe a good investment for the next few years.

Recently, avian influenza has been getting more and more attention from medical authorities around the globe. The avian flu pandemic is a great worry for the whole world in 2006. Nine years after the last outbreak in Asia in 1997, the annual flying stars are the same in both years, only the Tai Sui and San Sha are in different positions. We will also see more respitory illness and illnesses related to the kidneys and stomach.

With #2 illness star in SE Xun trigram, Xun is associated with birds, with the pre-heaven Dui trigram, the migratory birds, waterfowls or wild birds living around marsh can be the carriers.

With San Sha in the North, #5 in the West and #2 in SE, the Northern, Western and South Eastern parts of any country or continent can expect the outbreak of the avian flu.

Hopefully we can all work together to get this danger under control, it has to be a worldwide effort between countries, an effort between Western medicine and Chinese medicine to find the remedies.

Every home can be a safer home if we know how to deal with the yearly stars and shen sha, avoid doing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To minimize the "San Sha" effect, you can place a real plant or tree in the Northern sector inside or outside the house; you can also put a little bucket of water and 3 metal ki luns together with the tree. If the tree should die make sure to replace it. (There is a high level Feng Shui technique “Fighting the San Sha” to bring in money and turn a difficult situation around)

To minimize the annual 5 yellow in the Western sector, the "Salt Water and Coins" cure can be used.

To minimize the annual 2 black to avoid sickness, simply place a metal calabash in the Southeast.

To minimize the annual 3 jade-green to avoid arguments and being emotional, put something red in the centre.

To minimize the annual 7 red to avoid lawsuits, put something blue in the South.

To enhance the annual 8 white, simply put a citron crystal there for a better year financially.

Putting 4 stalks of Chinese lucky bamboo or a plant in the East can enhance the possibility of career advancement, study better or romance.

Putting a glass of water in the Northwest can also increase the possibility of career advancement, better study or enhanced romance.

Putting a plant in the Southwest can bring about events for celebration.

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Gong Hay Fat Choy & Good Health and Prosperity to Everyone,
Peter Leung
© 2006 Feng Shui SOS Ltd. All rights Reserved

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