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A Preview of 2018 Year of the Dog

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For more than a decade we have written a preview for the coming year and posted it for free on our website and each year more and more people eagerly await our annual preview. Read on for our take on what to expect for 2018!

On February 16, 2018 we will celebrate the Lunar New Year, but in Chinese Metaphysics we will usher in Wu Xu 戊戌 year on February 4, 2018 at 11:14 AM. Wu Xu 戊戌 year is the year of the Earth Dog.

This will be a year of small breakthroughs. Perseverance and small steps will be the key to growth this year.

This year is Lu hexagram, which symbolizes “the wanderer”. Through smallness will we find success. Perseverance will bring good fortune. Lu Gua is Li trigram over Gen trigram. This shows us fire over mountain which is indication that volcanos will be big news this year.

Another big story this year will be the increasing price of food. With various events on the world stage expect the price of food to go up and begin to affect more people. This may be a catalyst for people to maximize the food they have and reduce food waste. There will also be strong growth in the home and community gardens as well as agrihoods. This is also an indication that economically, agriculture and related industries will be good sectors to invest in.

Another area we expect economic growth is real estate. Growth may be modest at first, but it is a long-term investment.

On the world stage we expect the Euro to go down. The economies in Australia and Southeast Asia will be the strongest this year. We think the likelihood of political unrest in North Korea and Russia will be high for 2018. In North America, expect a very bad flu season. The changes in our climate should begin to positively impact Antarctica.

With the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang we expect some sort of incident involving multiple countries that may go on to affect future relations between the countries. We also expect to see Canada having a strong showing in the medal standings.

The Annual Flying Star Chart will have 9 in the center. The San Sha will move to the north. This year, the most dangerous area will be north because of the San Sha and 5 Yellow combining. It is important that we deal with the San Sha adequately. We provide a list of cures below that are low cost and easily procured, so please make sure that they are in place for 2018.

2016 Cures

The cures for each sector is as follows:

  • To minimize the effect of the San Sha place 3 ki luns, a small bucket of water and a live plant in the NORTH.
  • Putting 4 stalks of Chinese lucky bamboo in the NORTHWEST can enhance the possibility of career advancement, improved academic studies or heightened romance.
  • To minimize the Annual 2 Black to avoid illness, simply place a metal calabash in the WEST of the house.
  • To minimize the Annual 3 Jade-Green to avoid arguments and being emotional, put something red in the NORTHEAST.
  • Put a glass of water in the SOUTH for the possibility of career advancement, improved academic studies or heightened romance.
  • To combat the 5 Yellow place the salt-water and coins cure in the NORTH of your home.
  • Place something blue in the EAST to lessen the effect of the Annual 7.
  • Put a citron crystal in theSOUTHEAST for a better year financially.
  • Put a plant in the CENTER to bring about events for celebration.

Wishing you all the best in Wu Xu Year!
Gong Xi Fa Cai from everyone at Feng Shui SOS!

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