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Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection Tool - 180 Days from Order Date)

2018 Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection

Water Placement/24 Mountains Chart

Qi Men Dun Jia 1080 Jus - ENGLISH EDITION

Feng Shui SOS English Luopan

Four Pillars Learning Card

Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection Tool - 180 Days
Price: $190.00 USD (including shipping)


Anyone that has ever studied or benefited from Qi Men Dun Jia knows exactly how powerful it can be. By capturing the good qi before any endeavour you can vastly improve your chance of good results. First used for tactical purposes during war, this technique can be used in today's business world, for examinations, for dating and for important meetings like job interviews.

NEW! This date selection tool covers 180 days from the order date.


2018 Wu Xu Year Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection
$110.00 USD plus shipping and handling. (Standard shipping via Canada Post. If you require expedited shipping please email info@fengshuisos.com for a quote.)

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Xuan Kong Da Gua date selection is a powerful tool for any Feng Shui enthusiasts. This system is birth year specific. Used properly it can help to enhance the effect of Feng Shui placements or get the best out of an important event.


Water Placement/24 Mountains Chart

Price: $114.00 USD (including shipping)

The Water Placement/24 Mountain Chart is an easy to use tool for anyone that wants to use water methods in a home or office. You simply need to get the proper reading (sitting or facing). With that this tool you will show you right where to put water and what to avoid in certain areas. This is a very user friendly tool for anyone who wants to use water methods.

Qi Men Dun Jia 1080 Jus - ENGLISH EDITION
$39.95 USD plus shipping and handling

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This is an excellent reference manual for all those studying or using Qi Men Dun Jia. Peter Leung has compiled all 1080 Jus in English making it easier for those who cannot read Chinese and still want to use Qi Men Dun Jia.

Feng Shui SOS English Luopan

$880.00 USD plus shipping and handling (please contact info@fengshuisos.com for shipping quote)
Please note: Each of our previous batches of luopans have sold out quickly and we have a very limited supply.

Now redesigned with many new methods including the double gua water placement, inside castle gate, water dragon fan gua, mountain dragon fan gua and much more! Past students of Peterís will understand the power of these methods and how convenient it will be to have it on one luopan. This luopan has been designed with the students of Peter Leung in mind. Those who have not taken his classes can still make use of the luopan but will not get the full benefit Peterís students will.

The Luopan, a specialized Feng Shui compass, is an essential tool for measuring the precise orientation of a building and its surroundings. It has many advanced applications as well, such as identifying accurate locations for Water Placement Methods, Advanced Flying Stars, and for determining exact Xuan Kong Da Gua positions.

Students and practitioners who are unable to read Chinese characters have been at somewhat of a disadvantage until now. The Feng Shui SOS English Luopan makes it possible for any English speaking person to get the full benefit out of using their Luopan by making it possible for them to understand all of the information contained within it.

The Feng Shui SOS Luopans were expertly designed by Master Leung and are approximately 10 inches square. Each ring is clearly marked and easy to read. It contains a level for superior precision. A carrying case is included.

There are 28 rings in the Feng Shui SOS Luopan they include, but are not limited to:

New! Four Pillars Learning Cards

$16.88 USD plus shipping and handling

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Are you interested in learning Bazi but are unfamiliar with the terms? Are you currently studying Four Pillars but are still working on memorizing all the branches and stems? If so, these handy flash cards, designed by Three Tara Design, could be a great aide in your learning process. Each card has the Chinese character for one of the stems or branches on one side and Pinyin term with a brief description on the other side. These cards will not only help you learn how to identify the characters but to also understand the characters and therefore better interpret a chart. The cards are colourful and sturdy and make memorizing the terms easy. Each set of cards come packaged in a lovely black velvet bag for easy transportation.

Four Pillars Cards

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