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Form School

From the beginning, Feng Shui was about creating protection and safety and an environment that would be supportive to human life. Form School is the most ancient, most basic and most powerful school of Feng Shui. No special or advanced techniques have much effect if the Forms are not good.

Ideally we want support on either side of us and we want it "wrapping around us" in an embrace. This is called a wrapping around Dragon and Tiger. We also want some support at our back. When we don't have support or backing in life we can have many problems. The front should have some open space, a place for chi to collect at our front door.

This is called The Four Animal Spirits concept, in Chinese Metaphysics, and together with the principle of yin and yang is the basis for Form School Feng Shui.

In Business, Feng Shui can assist you in attaining increased profits, greater name recognition, a harmonious and productive staff and an advantageous environment in which to work. Combining Feng Shui principles with sound business practices will insure greatest achievement in the business world.

Some of the learning objectives of this course include, but are not limited to:

  • The Four Animals Concept
  • The House Number
  • The Landscapes and Surroundings
  • Choosing Business Locations
  • Setting Up the Reception Area
  • Commanding Position for the Boss

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