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What Qi Men Can Do

Qi Men is used for improving relationships, dating and social gatherings or meetings. What QMDJ can do:

  1. For dating, it can help you create a more romantic atmosphere.
  2. Help you improve the impression someone has of you thereby increasing your relationship.
  3. During a social gathering or meeting, it can get a peer to say something good about you.
  4. You can increase your charisma and more effectively persuade people. For example you can get others to like you.
  5. For romantic relationships it can help you bring it to the next level.
  6. Even if your relationship encounters an argument or disagreement it can be easily resolved.
  7. For first dates, it can help you give a very good first impression.

Qi Men is used for increasing wealth, asking for a loan, investment purposes and collecting money. What QMDJ can do:

  1. You can go from no money to some money.
  2. You can increase your money luck.
  3. People will trust you and lend you money.
  4. If you go to the casino you could have a lucky day.
  5. When you go collect money it will be surprisingly easy.

Qi Men is used for proposals to your significant other, weddings and asking someone out on a date. What QMDJ can do:

  1. Wedding ceremony and reception will go smoothly.
  2. For proposals, you will be under a very romantic and sweet atmosphere.
  3. For proposals or weddings, it can help your marriage be strong and happy forever.
  4. On Valentine's Day, you can use QMDJ selection to increase both sides of the relationship and bring it to the next level.
  5. Using QMDJ to choose the right time for the wedding can facilitate harmony with in-laws.

Qi Men is used for travelling, special events and occasions and leisure activities. What QMDJ can do:

  1. During your vacation you can be happier and more relaxed.
  2. During a special event or travels, you will find helpful people to make the occasion go by smoothly.
  3. During your travels if you run into trouble you will find assistance easily.
  4. If you travel with friends there will be no arguing or fighting. The whole trip will be very harmonious.

Getting Help
Qi Men is used for asking for help or aid. What QMDJ can do:

  1. You will easily find helpful people.
  2. When you are encountering difficulties use QMDJ to get people to stay on your side and help you resolve your problems.
  3. Unexpected helping hands will turn up often.
  4. You may think you've reached a dead end but a new possibility will arises.

Qi Men is used for finding a job and doing well on an interview. What QMDJ can do:

  1. It will increase your chances of getting the job.
  2. During the interview you will have a good chance of getting hired.
  3. Your competitors will pale in comparison to you; you will shine.
  4. You will be able to show your intelligence and capabilities.
  5. Those that interview you will feel a good rapport with you.
  6. If you use the right time to get a job, you will find you will get your superiors and colleagues help once you start the job.

Academics and Tests
Qi Men is used for school, exams, professional accreditations and licensing exams. What QMDJ can do:

  1. Helps clear your mind so you can do your best.
  2. During the exam it will help you increase your grade by 5-20%.
  3. When you do your exam or test you will breeze through it.
  4. In multiple choice exams, you will probably not have to guess, but if you have to guess you will guess correctly.
  5. During the exam you will not feel as nervous as you used to.

Qi Men is used for negotiations, fighting for your rights and signing a settlement agreement. What QMDJ can do:

  1. You will get luck throughout the negotiation period.
  2. You will be the leader and people will listen to you.
  3. You will have a clear mind and will be able to articulate your desires so others understand better.
  4. Even if there are arguments you will find that in the end both sides will be satisfied.
  5. Both sides will be more reasonable. No clashing of egos.
  6. Your opposing side will let go easier so you can get the best benefit for yourself.

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